Kenzo Shibata

Chicago teacher, activist, writer, media strategist

Gapers Block: Let My People Retire

Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman takes notes from Republican Democrat Daleycrat playbook by invoking the tax increase boogeyman to garner support for raiding teacher pensions. The CPS proposed budget for 2009-2010 was unveiled (in … Continue reading

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Gapers Block: No Investment Banker Left Behind

In order to promote market stability, the treasury department has proposed that the federal government buy up to $700 billion in “troubled” assets from securities firms. Although the bill that … Continue reading

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Beachwood Reporter: Policing Our Teachers

Those of us who are junkies for The Wire are familiar with the cuteportmanteau “COMPSTAT” (Comparative+Statistics). On the show, this was the program implemented by the Baltimore City Police Department that was intended … Continue reading

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