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Teach for America’s Mission in Chicago

Teach for America wanted to help stem a teacher shortage. Why then are thousands of experienced educators being replaced by hundreds of new college graduates? Originally published in Jacobin. Teach … Continue reading

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Huffington Post: What’s the Plan for Chicago Public Schools? Look No Further Than Detroit

Detroit Public Schools (DPS) “Emergency Manager” Roy Roberts stepped down from his position on May 2. During his announcement, Roberts said that his instructions when he took the job were to … Continue reading

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Huffington Post: Chicago Public Schools and Other People’s Children

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a strange habit of hiring people from outside Chicago to run the city of Chicago. His police chief was from New York. Both of his appointed schools … Continue reading

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In These Times: CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett May Have Met Her Match in Chicago

This afternoon at 4pm, a coalition of Chicago teachers, parents, students and community members will meet at Daley Plaza to voice their displeasure with the announcement last week by Chicago … Continue reading

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Jacobin Magazine: Disaster Capitalism, Chicago-style

In public policy circles, crises are called “focusing events” — bringing to light a particular failing in government policy.  They require government agencies to switch rapidly into crisis mode to … Continue reading

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Labor Notes: Reform Caucus Jolts Chicago Teachers Union

“Teaching is a privilege, learning is a right!” announced Karen Lewis, science teacher at King College Prep High School, at a January 9 community forum on education in Chicago. Lewis, … Continue reading

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Gapers Block: Let My People Retire

Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman takes notes from Republican Democrat Daleycrat playbook by invoking the tax increase boogeyman to garner support for raiding teacher pensions. The CPS proposed budget for 2009-2010 was unveiled (in … Continue reading

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