Kenzo Shibata

Chicago teacher, activist, writer, media strategist

About Kenzo

Kenzo Shibata taught high school English in the Chicago Public Schools for nearly a decade before starting a career as a digital strategist for progressive causes. He headed up digital strategy for the 2012 Chicago Teachers Union strike.

His work can be seen in Gapers Block, Beachwood Reporter, AREA-Chicago, New Politics, Alter-Net, In These Times, Jacobin Magazine, Huffington Post, Labor Notes and Truth-Out. His social media work has been highlighted in NPR, The Daily Dot, and DNA-Info.

He’s been a guest on Take Action News and the Matthew Filipowicz Show.

Shibata recently completed his Masters in Public Policy at Northwestern University. Follow him on Twitter: @kenzoshibata

One comment on “About Kenzo

  1. Joshua Mabe
    December 18, 2014

    Hi Kenzo,

    Josh Mabe, here – I’m the program director of Chicago Filmmakers, a 40+ year old media arts nonprofit that administers the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, a grant from the Voqal Foundation that funds filmmakers creating progressive social issue online content.

    Every year, we plan seminars related to the mission of the grant project. Usually these are on subjects like outreach, digital distribution, and social media. This year however I’d like to invite people who are currently doing excellent work that relates to the goals of the grant project, namely getting social issue messages out online.

    We have our first panel planned for Sunday, January 11, 2-4pm, and I will be inviting local Chicago media activists to talk about their projects, their histories, and their tactics. Would you be interested in joining us for this panel?

    Josh B Mabe (use this email)
    Program Director
    Chicago Filmmakers

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