Kenzo Shibata

Chicago teacher, activist, writer, media strategist

Why #AskVentra Failed

Quick thoughts on #AskVentra:
You don’t need to do a Twitter campaign. Social media is a tool and the Twitter Town Hall model of using a hashtag is a tactic. This is a tactic you use when you have organized an online community and want to give that community some public space to amplify their Frequently Asked Questions to the broader public. If you haven’t built this community, you should not use this tactic. If your organization or brand already has a bad reputation, YOU WILL NOT FIX THIS REPUTATION WITH A HASHTAG. What you are doing is giving folks space to aggregate their gripes. If your organization or brand has a high-profile, news organizations will organize these tweets in one space and write an article about this. You are essentially doing the work of your detractors. I will not tell you in this space how to build a community because there are many fine folks who do this for a living and they should be able to pay rent and eat. When you tell an intern to “do a hashtag,” you get what you deserve.

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